Aligned Bio’s nanowire waveguide technology improves sensitivity to targeted disease biomarkers by up to 20X. With this increased sensitivity we expect to be able to introduce next generation immunoassay capability that enables earlier detection of diseases, the use of significantly less fluids and multiplexing capability.

The underlying mechanism is the ability of nanowires of appropriate material and diameter to act like optical fibers that collect, guide and directionally emit light from fluorescent molecules bound to their surface.

This improved sensitivity has been demonstrated repeatably by our partners at Lund University’s Physics and Immunology departments.


Aligned Bio’s nanowire waveguide technology has enabled the detection of single fluorophore labels.

With the ability of a single nanowire to act as a single molecule detector and an average number of nanowires per platform in the 1 billion range, this opens the possibility for extreme levels of digital-type biomolecule detection.

We believe that applying this ability to next generation sequencing technologies will enable a breakthrough in sequencing cost, throughput and read-length.