Our patented vertically aligned nanowires can be customized for other applications, improving sensitivity of a wide range of sensors, detection tools, and other technologies. The nanowires can be used on flexible and rigid substrates, enabling a numerous of applications. Sensors and detection systems empowered with Aligned Bio’s technology can be leveraged for real-time monitoring through an interface with mobile phones, wearable devices, medical equipment, and even labels that communicate expiration dates.

Flexible  sensors

  • Nanowires can be deposited in flexible substrates such us plastic and paper
  • Incorporation into medical equipment (e.g.: catheters) for early infection detection


Electronic tongues and noses

  • Certification of food products origin
  • Detection of fraud and adulteration in products such as wine
  • Detection of explosives at ppb level
  • Detection of ignitable liquids residues at fire scenes

Anodes for Li ion batteries

  • Si nanowires can accommodate large strain without pulverization and display short lithium insertion distances


Membranes for filtration or sensing

  • Removal of contaminants from liquids
  • Enabling color-base labels to indicate food products expiration day
  • Platforms for growth of cell models in biomedicine and pharma industry: cellular mechanosensing and traction studies