REVOLUTIONARY TECHNOLOGY through Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

As an innovator of new, next-generation sensor platform technology, intellectual property is a fundamental part of our work at Aligned Bio. Since our earliest days originating out of Lund University, Aligned Bio has been granted 80 patents for technology and processes in our mission to deliver previously unattainable sensitivity at viable costs.

The fabrication of our nanowire platforms utilizes our intellectual property and trade secrets in the areas of:

  • low cost mass production of nanowire devices via Aerotaxytm;
  • nanowire alignment, ordering and spacing on various types of platforms; and
  • the use of nanowires as molecular sensors.

Nanowire production

Aligned Bio’s nanowire technology has its foundations in its patented Aerotaxy production methodology. Aerotaxy allows various types of nanowire types and materials to be produced in a continuous flow reactor providing orders of magnitude savings over conventional nanowire growth technologies.

Nanowire alignment and ordering

The ability to align, space and orient nanowires is a fundamental core of Aligned Bio’s technology. This ability is both patented and protected via proprietary process recipes and importantly does not require expensive traditional nanowire growth methods. Alignment and orientation has been demonstrated to be robust, repeatable and manufacturable over large areas.

Waveguide technology

The ability of Aligned Bio’s nanowire platforms to increase up to 20X the sensitivity to targeted biomarkers such as proteins, molecules, pathogens etc. resides in Aligned Bio’s waveguided technology. Upon functionalization for particular molecules, the nanowire will emit a concentrated light signal to the top of the wire where it can be read by the optical reader. Industry standard optical detectors are used.