About Us

Leading scientists, top Swedish universities, engineers, business executives and first tier Scandinavian investors have come together to form Aligned Bio. This ecosystem has provided a unique triumvirate of intellectual property, industrial knowledge and manufacturing capabilities enabling Aligned Bio to provide the next generation of advanced nanowire sensor platforms and film technologies.

Our mission is to offer unique, customizable sensor platforms with superior limit of detection to our customers at viable costs. This is enabled by our ability to produce a variety of nanowire material types and dimensions in the low cost method of Aerotaxytm, the patented capability to organize and align the nanowires on platforms/substrate of various kinds, and the technology to enable nanowires to detect single molecules at an order of magnitude higher optical contrast.

For your nanowire platforms of choice, please contact us at: info@alignedbio.com.

Team & Founders

Yuyu Li

Nanowire Alignment and Platform Engineer & Founder

Technical Advisory Board

Board of Directors